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Redditor uses forum to confess to alleged murder




Confession Bear is a meme usually used to admit acts of flatulence in the workplace or pranks pulled on unwitting spouses. But two days ago, one user on Reddit utilized the meme to confess to an alleged murder.

“My sister had an abusive meth addict boyfriend. I killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it as an overdose,” read the meme, posted by user Naratto. 

Posters on the Advice Animals subreddit where the apparent confession was posted were divided as to the authenticity of the claim. While many dismissed it as a case of trolling or an attempt to gain Reddit “karma” points, others set off to determine the identity of the user.

Since the post, the Naratto account has been deleted.

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Some Reddit users may have found information about Naratto's identitiy before it was removed, however. One user claimed that some of the identifying information was forwarded to the FBI via their anonymous tips webpage. 

Seemingly frightened by the possible consequences of his/her confession, Naratto made one final post before deleting the account completely. 

“If you joke about murder on Reddit without a throw away account, you’re gonna have a bad time,” read the post, which riffed on the “you’re gonna have a bad time” meme inspired by Comedy Central’s “South Park.”

The discussion on Reddit about the alleged murder continued after the account was deleted, with more users interested in dark humor than casting judgement.

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“The funny [thing] is that if he gets caught they’ll use confession bear as evidence,” noted one user. 

“That moment when a lawyer introduces "Exhibit A, known to the internet community as 'Confession Bear'...lolz,” responded another user.