A coelacanthe swims by a diver. (Photo: Project Gombessa)


David Leveille

Where in the world would you find a coelacanth? The coelacanth is called a "living fossil" fish. It's a fish that predates the dinosaurs. One likely place to find this rare species is a bay off the east coast of South Africa. This bay is part of a national park along the KwaZulu Natal's coast. And there down in the deep sea caves – a team of French and South African scientists and divers hope to spot one of these large, plump, prehistoric fish. Regis Debryune is one of the scientists from France's National Museum of History going along on the Gombessa expedition, exploring locations below the waters of Sodwana Bay, off the east coast of South Africa where the strange fish is believed to live. Sodwana Bay is the answer to our Geo Quiz.

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