San Salvador, El Salvador 1993. Gang graffiti in English begins to appear in barrios. (Photo: Donna De Cesare/ "Unsettled / Desasosiego: Children in a World of Gangs.")

Photojournalist Donna De Cesare's new bilingual book chronicles the lives of Central American gang members on both sides of the border. It's called "Unsettled / Desasosiego." De Cesare teaches journalism at the University of Texas, Austin.

Salvadoran Susan Cruz was a member of what is now a transnational gang. These days she works with youth involved in gangs in the US and Central America.

Apopa, El Salvador, 1995. After Jose Boláños', the original "Shy Boy," was murdered, his youngest brother, Edgar, tattooed a tombstone memorial on his back and began hanging out in gang crash pads. ("Unsettled / Desasosiego: Children in a World of Gangs"

Guatemala City, Guatemala 2001. Flaca holds the youngest of her four children. Since her arrest and deportation, she has not seen her eldest child and has no idea what has become of him. ("Unsettled / Desasosiego: Children in a World of Gangs" by Donna De

Fraijanes, Guatemala, 2009. A gang member in an isolation cage in the special block for prisoners who have been threatened by other inmates, at the maximum security prison Granja Penal de Pavón. ("Unsettled / Desasosiego: Children in a World of Gangs" by

Downtown, Los Angeles, 1994. Immigrants protest Proposition 187, a ballot initiative to deny education and healthcare to undocumented adults and children. It was ultimately defeated, but marked hardening attitudes towards immigrants and their children.

El Salvador / Honduras border, El Poy, El Salvador, 1988. Salvadoran families make their way to the the village of Guarjila in a caravan of buses, after leaving the Mesa Grand refugee camp in Honduras. ("Unsettled / Desasosiego: Children in a World of Ga

San Salvador, El Salvador,1997. Edgar holds a friend's daughter. He'd like a family of his own but says: "First I need a job and a house. I need a future." ("Unsettled / Desasosiego: Children in a World of Gangs" by Donna De Cesare)

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