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Young Germans get high on hydrangeas


Researchers found conical cells in common flowers that help bees stabilize themselves while pollinating.


Wolfgang Kumm/DPA

Germans in Bavaria have an odd problem: their hydrangeas are disappearing. Are animals eating them? Worse: it's teenagers. A Nuremberg resident told the tz regional paper Wednesday that he is the latest victim in a series of garden raids. 

It turns out that young people are raiding the gardens to smoke the flowers. Hydrangeas are rumored cause a marijuana-like high, The Local reported

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This actually isn't the first time that German media has reported on this issue. Back in 2011, Pharmazeutische Zeitung reported that an increasing amount of eastern German gardeners were also complaining of missing hydrangea plants. 

So are the rumors true? Yes, according to DrugText.Org. Apparently, hydrangeas give you a high thanks to a chemical from the cyanide family. If the intake is limited to one joint, the smoker will get a pleasant high, according to DrugText, but more than that and the smoker risks getting cyanide poisoning. Moral of the story? Don't get high-drangead.