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Spanish horror director Jesus Franco dead (VIDEOS)


Spanish director Jesus Franco is awarded an honorary Goya for his lifetime work in the Spanish film industry at the 2009 Goya Cinema Awards Ceremony in Madrid, Spain.


Denis Doyle

Spanish horror director Jesus "Jess" Franco is dead at age 82 following complications from a stroke.

Kike Mesa, director of the 2007 documentary "Jess Franco: Way of Life," announced Franco's death yesterday on his Facebook page.

Franco, who made his first film in 1959, is said to have made close to 200 movies in a career that spanned nearly six decades.

He became renowned for low-budget cult films like “Necronomicon,” (1967), “Count Dracula” (1969), “Vampyros Lesbos” (1970), “Dracula vs. Frankenstein” (1971), and “Oasis of the Zombies” (1983).

Many, like "Succubus" (1968), were a mix of horror and eroticism.

Franco also worked with Orson Welles on a never-completed Don Quixote feature and snagged an honorary Goya award in 2009.

His final work, “Al Pereira vs The Alligator Women,” opened last month in Spain.