Fired Rutgers coach Mike Rice apologizes for abusive behavior


Head coach Mike Rice of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights was fired after a video went public of him abusing players and shouting gay slurs during practice.



Fired Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice apologized Wednesday for his abusive behavior towards his team that included throwing balls at their heads and shouting gay slurs.

Rice was fired by the university after a video of the coach verbally and physically abusing the team was broadcast by ESPN.

"I've let so many people down," Rice said. "My players. My administration. Rutgers University. The fans. My family, who is sitting in their house huddled around because of the fact that their father was an embarrassment to them. And it's troubling.

"But at some time, maybe I will try to explain it. But right now there is no explaining it for what's on those films. I was wrong."

Rutgers University President Robert Barchi, who made the decision to fire Rice, said the video showed "a chronic and pervasive pattern of disturbing behavior."

"Coach Rice cannot continue to serve effectively in a position that demands the highest levels of leadership, responsibility and public accountability," Barchi said.

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Rice was originally suspended for three games, fined $50,000 and was ordered to attend anger management classes by Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti.

Pernetti has had the video since November when Eric Murdock, a former NBA player who worked at Rutgers with Rice, turned it over.

Pernetti said he regretted not punishing Rice further when he first found out about the videos.