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Polar bear baby saved by hunter who killed his mother


An orphan baby polar bear is being treated at the Alaska Zoo after a hunter shot his mother.



An orphan baby polar bear is being kept at the Alaska Zoo after he was brought in by the hunter who shot his mother.

The hunter was shooting caribou when he spotted a giant polar bear and killed it.

The bear fell and when the shooter lifted the mother he found that she had been nursing.

As a native Inupiat hunter, the man had the right to kill the animal under federal law.

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He followed her tracks back to a den nearby and found the cub.

Picking up the baby bear, he drove it 40 miles to his home on his snowmobile.

Having brought her to officials, Kali, as she was named, was then transferred to Anchorage's Alaska Zoo.

Kali is being transferred to the Buffalo Zoo in a few months to be raised alongside a four-month-old polar bear cub nicknamed Luna.