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Montenegro official caught with his pants down, literally


Miroslav Ivanisevic, former finance minister of Montenegro, resigned after a sex scandal befell him last week.



The chief auditor of Montenegro resigned last week after clips of him in a sexual encounter with a woman surfaced online.

Former finance minister, Miroslav Ivanisevic, found himself on the front page of the daily newspapers Dan and Vijesti in his underwear Wednesday.

The pictures came from a video uploaded on Youtube March 17.

The video has since been taken down.

Clips apparently show him having a sexually-charged conversation with a young woman

CGA reported that the woman says during the video "I going to make you pay a lot."

Ivanisevic said that his actions did not mesh well with his current position.

“I am informing the Montenegrin public that I am submitting my irrevocable resignation… assessing that my behavior, which has attracted the attention of the media and the public, is unsuitable for my state function,” Ivanisevic said in a statement.

Ivanisevic had previously been accused of being connected with a Montenegrin crime ring in Italy.

He was acquitted on those charges in 2010.