Bedroom tax protests attract thousands across the UK


David Cameron enjoys a drink with supporters in 2010. He and his wife accidentally left their 8-year-old daughter in a pub after Sunday lunch.


Kirsty Wigglesworth - WPA Pool

Thousands of people across the United Kingdom are demonstrating against a proposed "bedroom tax." In Glasgow, the site of one of the biggest protests, 2,500 people showed up, BBC News reported

The "bedroom tax," due to be introduced by UK lawmakers next month, will cut some housing benefits for tenants with a spare room in their home. "We heard this was on and wanted to come," a mother of four at a London protest told the Guardian. "I think its a disgrace what they're doing, its the poll tax all over again."

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She's not the only one. Criticism of the bedroom tax goes all the way to the top.  "The bedroom tax is one of these once in a generation decisions that is wrong in every respect," David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, wrote on the agency website.

"It’s bad policy, it’s bad economics, it’s bad for hundreds of thousands of ordinary people whose lives will be made difficult for no benefit – and I think it’s about to become profoundly bad politics."