Attacks in Fallujah, Baghdad kill 7


Iraqis look at a crater near a policeman at the site of a car bomb that detonated near a Shiite mosque killing three people and injuring 70 others on March 29, 2013 in Kirkuk.


Marwan Ibrahim

Seven people were killed in attacks in the western Iraqi city of Fallujah and the capital Baghdad Sunday.

A sheikh at a local mosque was gunned down outside a shop in Fallujah along with his nephew and another unidentified man.

Sheikh Talib Zuwayid of the al-Baraa mosque was said to be a Sunni organizer against the Shiite government.

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The Associated Press said it was unclear if the killing was related to his political activities.

In Baghdad two explosions killed another four people and wounded 14 others.

Officials said the assailants used a sticky bomb on a policeman's car, killing him and a bystander.

Two other security forces were killed after suicide bombers drove through an army checkpoint and blew themselves up.