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Placenta found in ice cream tub


Members Of Congress attend 27th annual Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party on June 18, 2009 in Washington, DC.


Win McNamee

BBC News reports that an ice cream tub containing human placenta has been found by a dog walker. There's sentence I never thought I'd write.

It may bring you comfort to learn that the placenta was placed in the ice cream box after the ice cream was already consumed. But a much bigger concern is what happened to the mother. Police think that a vulnerable woman with no place to go had given birth, then placed the placenta in the tub to hide the evidence, the BBC says. 

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The dog walker found the placenta near an athletic track in London, and went to the police thinking he had discovered a human organ. But medical staff said that the material is more likely to be two-week-old human placenta, ITV reported.

"We are appealing to the person who buried the item to contact us, or anyone who knows the person who buried the item," a police spokesman announced.