A Good Friday In Autlán, Mexico


Autlán, Mexico.


Fabián Everardo Alvarez Navarro

Autlán, Mexico, southwest of Guadalajara in the western state of Jalisco, is known for its tequila, mariachis, and cowboys. It's also the birthplace of the famed musician, Carlos Santana. 

However, on this sunny Good Friday in Autlán, GlobalPost's Allison Jackson opted to show us an alternative, slightly less raucous, but no-less fascinating tour of the small southwestern Mexican town.

On her way to the lively Autlán market, Allison gave us a behind-the-scenes view of Good Friday preparations at the Autlán cathedral. Once at the market, followers were tempted with photos of fresh squeezed orange juice, cheesy quesadillas, and rows of chillies that seemed to go on for miles.

The day-long tour ended with an amazingly dedicated reenactment of the crucifiction of Jesus Christ — from the courtroom to the cross.

When all was said and done, Allison gave GlobalPost readers and followers a beautiful inside look at the small Mexican town of Autlán, and for a moment, gave many of us an exotic reprieve from our otherwise humdrum Fridays at work.

If you missed it live, catch up with Allison's journey in the tweets below. To see the rest of GlobalPost's adventures, check out our series page or follow along: @AFridayIn.

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