Alexis Wright 'Zumba madam' pleads guilty in prostitution case

Alexis Wright, a Maine dance instructor, pled guilty on Friday to 20 counts including charges of prostitution, conspiracy and tax evasion.

She allegedly used her Zumba studio in the sleepy town of Kennebunk, Maine to run a prostitution ring, much to the shock of the community.

The guilty plea agreement means Wright will not have to go through a high-profile trial which would have likely involved "sex videos, exhibitionism and pornography," according to the Associated Press.

Wright had been expected to stand trial and had previously pleaded not guilty to some 106 counts, NBC News reported.

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She could be sentenced to 10 months in jail when she returns to court on May 31.

The case gained national attention after allegations her clients had been videotaped and that Wright earned more than $150,000 from the prostitution in a relatively short period of time.