South Sudan: 163 killed in clashes

The Associated Press is reporting that 163 people have been killed in clashes in South Sudan.

The report said that most of those killed were rebels who clashed with government soldiers after they were accused of supporting Sudan.

Voice of America is reporting army officials say they now control a key airstrip in a remote part of Jongle which rebels have been using to supply weapons over the past year.

South Sudan military spokesman Col. Philip Aguer said David Yau Yau led 143 rebels into battle, where they died. The other 20 killed were government forces, and 70 were wounded in the fighting.

Officials had said they would stop the insurgency by May, which marks the end of the dry season.

South Sudan and Sudan split peacefully in 2011, but the South is still dealing with violence within its own borders. Frequent battles between tribes have killed dozens of people in the struggling country, with plenty of assault rifles left over from decades of war with Sudan.