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"Broken cheeseburger" kissed by autistic girl in Facebook photo gone viral


A little autistic girl's love of cheeseburgers is shared by hundreds of thousands on Facebook.


Justin Sullivan

Poor Mr. Cheeseburger, how dare you slice him in half? Little Arianna Hill, an outspoken autistic seven-year-old, admonished a Utah Chili's for "breaking" a cheeseburger on Sunday in a heartwarming story shared by tens of thousands online, said Yahoo! News.

Hill's older sister Anna MacLean told ABC their visit to the Utah restaurant "seemed to be going pretty well" and even though her little sister's "verbal skills aren't the best," she was still able to order her cheeseburger.

After it arrived, "I asked why she wasn't eating and she said, 'I don't want it. It's broken,'" MacLean recalled, explaining that the burger had been sliced in half. "She said, 'I need one that's fixed.'"

This sort of thing can ruin her little sister's entire day, but MacLean didn't expect the people working at their  local Midvale Chili's to understand that.

But the next thing you know, their waitress, Lauren Wells, was personally apologizing for hurting Mr. Cheeseburger and assuring her that a "fixed" one was on its way. Then the manager came out and offered condolences. "The line cooks even got involved," according to MacLean, said Yahoo! News

"When she brought it [the burger] back out, Arianna said 'Oh, thank you! You brought me a fixed cheeseburger.' She sat there and looked at it and said 'Oh I missed you,' and kissed it over and over again," her older sister said. 

MacLean, 25, responded in true twentysomething-style, taking a quick picture of little Arianna kissing the cheeseburger and sending it to Facebook in a an update with the Chili's anecdote. 

The "broken cheeseburger" picture is currently liked by more than 600,000 people and has been shared by well over 100,000.