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West Point employee could face federal charges over meatball theft


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West Point housekeeper Estelle Casimir faces multiple federal misdemeanor charges of both larceny and possessing stolen property, which she plead not guilty to on March 22.

Casimir's dire crime? Attempting to make off with bag of frozen meatballs from the West Point mess hall,  right before the cadets were served the self-same specialty for dinner.

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The Star Gazette reports that Casimir, a 28-year-old employee of food service group Watson Service, claimed that she was simply trying to throw the meatballs away and did not intend to steal them. She is currently suspended from her position.

“After some reluctance, the defendant revealed a bag of ‘completely frozen’ meatballs in the defendant’s possession; which coincidentally were on the menu for that evening’s dinner,” the criminal affidavit reported of Casimir's alleged infraction, said the Gazette.

Investigators said Casimir was responsible only for cleaning bathrooms, not for food service — indicating that she may not have been completely honest about her intentions when it came to the illicit bag of frozen spherical meat.

If Casimir is convicted of the two misdemeanor charges, she could face a total of two years in prison, as well as $2000 total in fines, writes CNN. That's an expensive meatball dinner.