Boris Berezovsky's body undergoing autopsy after death


Boris Berezovsky addresses the media outside the Royal Courts of Justice after losing his lawsuit against Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich on August 31, 2012 in London, England. He was found dead in his bathtub Saturday.


Warrick Page

British police removed the body of 67-year-old Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky from his home outside London on Monday before conducting an autopsy on his body, Reuters reported.

Authorities are also carrying out a forensic investigation at Berezovsky's Ascot home which is "expected to last several days," according to a statement by local police. "We will not speculate on the cause of death until the post-mortem examination has been carried out."

Berezovsky was found dead Saturday on the floor of his bathroom, which was locked from the inside.

Over the weekend, the Guardian reported police said they have no evidence of “third-party involvement” in Berezovsky's death nor did they find traces of
chemical, biological or nuclear material.

Once one of the most powerful Russian businessmen, Berezovsky was known as the "godfather of the Kremlin" but went into exile after a falling out with the Kremlin.

Since then he has survived assassination attempts and faced financial difficulty which has led some to speculate he may have committed suicide.

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