Bangladesh tornado kills at least 23, injures 500


A tornado in Bangladesh has killed 20 people and injured over 200.


Munir Uz Zaman

A tornado has struck nearly two dozen villages in Bangladesh killing at least 23 people and injuring about 500.

The death toll is expected to rise. 

"Three more bodies were found today," a local journalist reported, as officials were finding more bodies in the rubble. "One of them was Yasmin, who is the mother of two young boys and was found inside the tank of a sanitary latrine," the Indian Express reported

One child was said to be among the dead.

The tornado is said to have destroyed hundreds of stores and homes and taking down electricity poles. It also caused the partial collapse of the Brahmanbaria jail, killing one guard, accoridng to the Express. 

The storm was reported to have lasted 15 minutes, and was so powerful that it "overturned dozens of motor vehicles and big trucks and uprooted dozens of trees and electricity poles," a local official said. 

Bangladesh is incredibly prone to natural disasters; most recently, a landslide killed three people and injured 10 others couple weeks ago, according to the Natural Disaster report

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