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Wrestler Chris Masters saves mom from burning home


Chris Masters and a guest during the 'See No Evil' premiere in Los Angeles.



Former WWE wrestling star Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters saved his mother from a burning building, and now he's showing off the scars on his Twitter account. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Masters called 911 on Tuesday after hearing that his mother, Diane Mordetzky, had allegedly been barricaded inside of her apartment by a deranged suspect. Worse, the apartment had been set on fire, the LA Times reported

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When Chris arrived at the scene, the deranged suspect said he would burn the entire place down if anyone tried to enter, TMZ reported

Police came to the scene too, hoping to help his mother escape through her window. But they were blocked by a 10-foot tree standing in the way of his mom's window. Luckily, the tree was no patch for the 6-foot-4 wrestling star. How'd he save his mom? By punching the tree out of the way so that the police could break the window. 

“It’s not really a tree that’s meant to come down but basically I gave it a bear hug and got the tree down,” Masters, 30, told ABC News