Three dead after Quantico Marine base shooting


US Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit and U.S. Navy seamen from the U.S.S. Wasp receive orders from a commanding officer (R) November 6, 2012.


Robert Nickelsberg

Three US Marines are dead after a late night shooting at the Quantico Marine base in Virginia.

Officials said Friday a Marine killed a male and female colleague before killing himself, CBS News reported.

Base commander Col. David W. Maxwell said authorities were called to the scene at around 10:30 p.m. Thursday, where they found one Marine dead. They later found the other two bodies.

The names of the shooter and the victims have not yet been released.

Maxwell said a base spokesman had initially described the situation as a standoff but later clarified "police had the shooter 'isolated' in a barracks dorm room at the base's Officer Candidates School."

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During the incident, the base was in lockdown, which was announced over a PA system, and residents were told to remain inside their homes.

Quantico is a large US marine base and hosts 6,560 active duty soldiers, 3,460 family members, and thousands of students and civilian workers.