Evan Ebel, suspected white supremacist in Colorado prison shooting, dead


New evidence suggests that white supremacist Spencer Ebel was the shooter of the chief of the Colorado prison system earlier this week. Ebel died today after a shootout with police in Texas.



Evan Ebel, the man suspected of shooting a Colorado prisons’ boss, had died today after doctors removed him from life support.

Texas police officers shot Ebel, 28, in the head after a high-speed chase on Thursday, CBS News in Dallas reported.

Medical staff transported the suspect to hospital for potential organ donation, CBS said.

“He didn’t plan on being taken alive,” Decatur Police Chief Rex Hoskins told the TV station.

Ebel was the primary suspect in Tuesday night’s shooting of Tom Clements, executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, at his home.

The Associated Press reported Friday that shell casings from Ebel's shootout with police are the same found at the prison chief's home.

The Denver Post reported that it might have been an organized hit.

Ebel, a parolee, was also a suspected member of a white supremacist group called the 211s, and corrections officials are determining if that group ordered the killing.

The man had the word "hopeless" tattooed on his body and signed his name "Evil Evan."

“What’s not known is whether this was ordered or a crime of opportunity,” a corrections source told the newspaper.

Police have also linked Ebel to the murder of a pizza deliveryman on Sunday. The theory is Ebel killed Nathan Collin Leon, 27, and used his uniform to lure Clements to his door.

CNN reported that the investigation hinges on Ebel’s car.

“There is evidence in that vehicle that will be of interest of us,” Undersheriff Paula Presley told CNN.

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