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Woman in China swallows tadpoles at airport


A South Korean woman trying to smuggle tadpoles from China decided to swallow them to get past airport security.


Irina Pettersson

A South Korean woman at a Chinese airport drank a bottle of tadpoles.

Why would someone ever do something so repulsive?

She explained to authorities that her friend gave them to her and she didn't want to lose them to airport security, reported the Shanghaiist.

The incident went down recently at Guangzhou Airport in China.

The woman brought the baby frogs in liquid and tried to smuggle them past customs authorities.

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Guards told the woman to either throw out the liquid or drink it.

She did the latter and held the liquid in her mouth - the frogs likely startled by the change of scenery, namely her teeth and gums.

The Daily Mail reported that a dozen tadpoles flowed out of her mouth to the horror of passengers and guards alike.

Her tadpoles were discarded.