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Bankrupt Casey Anthony may have to sell her story to highest bidder


Due to the high profile of her murder trial, Casey Anthony's location has been a carefully guarded secret since her acquittal.



Dubbed "the most hated woman in America", Casey Anthony could soon be auctioning off her controversial story.

The trustee overseeing her bankruptcy matters, Stephen Meininger, has filed a motion in court for permission to sell the "exclusive worldwide rights" to the highest bidder to help pay off her $800,000 debt, ABC News reported.

"My job is to liquidate any potential assets for the benefit of her creditors," Meininger told ABC News.

He said the money would then be distributed to her creditors, who include her attorney and family members. 

The worldwide rights include newspaper and television interviews, film, documentaries, live stage performances, and social media including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

To date, Anthony has refused to sell her story despite widespread public interest in the case.

One New York publisher Eric Kampmann, the owner of Beaufort Books, said Monday that Anthony's story has the potential to be worth seven figures, AP reported. 

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He said he had contacted Anthony's legal team but no deal had yet been struck. 

Earlier this month, Anthony made her first public appearance since her controversial acquittal to face a bankruptcy hearing in California. During her brief appearance, she told the court she was living off donations, and relying on unsolicited gift cards and cash donations to survive.