Rio de Janeiro is known for its many breathtaking views and landmarks. Its mountains, the beach at Ipanema, its shantytowns, the famous Christ the Redeemer statue… We're looking for another famous Rio landmark in Monday's Geo Quiz. It's a distinct "cone-shaped" building — a cathedral, right in Rio's downtown "Centro" district. The standing-room capacity of this house of worship? 20,000 people. Also inside are four stained glass windows that rise 200 feet from floor to ceiling. Can you name the building pictured below? The answer to Monday's Geo Quiz is The Cathedral of St. Sebastian. Jokke Sommer, a Norwegian daredevil, recently jumped out of an ultra-light "trike" plane as it flew over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He zipped over the city's skyline wearing a special aerodynamic wingsuit, literally "flying" into the city and narrowly steering past skyscrapers as he and a companion made their high speed descent. Along the way, the pair flew over the cathedral. Here is the video of the usual wingsuit flight over Rio. See if you can spot it!
  • A camera on the back of a wingsuit captures two men flying over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo: YouTube)

  • (Photo: Wikipedia)

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