Corporate jet crashes into houses in Indiana neighborhood, killing 2

Two people were killed when a corporate jet crashed into a residential area in Indiana on Sunday after experiencing mechanical problems.

The jet, en route from an airport in Tulsa, Oklahoma tried to land at South Bend Regional Airport but failed.

The Associated Press cited Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Roland Herwig in Oklahoma City as saying four people were on board the plane, which can reportedly carry seven people. 

Two of them died, he said.

The pilot had radioed the electrical issues as he neared the airport.

The crash occurred on the second landing attempt, in a neighborhood southwest of the airport, local station WNDU reported

The plane reportedly hit up to three homes, and WSBT-TV said that at least three people were injured and taken to local hospitals. 

The hospital had issued a "Code Yellow," putting staff on warning for more.

The AP cited resident Stan Klaybor as saying the aircraft clipped the top of one houses, heavily damaged a second, and came to rest against a third. 

The jet was pictured by local media resting upside down on one of the homes. 

Klaybor said the resident of one of the houses had not been been seen since the crash.

The neighborhood was evacuated over concerns about jet fuel.