Republican National Committee outlines $10m plan to woo minorities


GOP Chairman Reince Priebus told CBS' "Face the Nation" that Republicans are planning a $10 million outreach to minorities.


CBS "Face the Nation"

As Republicans work their way through a post-mortem of the November election, GOP chair Reince Priebus started outlining tactical strategies to improve their chances of success at the next Presidential election.

Priebus told CBS' Face the Nation Sunday morning that the Republican National Committee would spend $10 million in outreach to minority communities to spread the conservative message.

"We're going to be announcing a $10 million initiative just this year and it will include hundreds of people, paid across the country, from coast-to-coast, in Hispanic and African-American, Asian communities, talking about our party, talking about our brand, talking about what we believe in," said Priebus, reports The Hill.

Priebus said the outreach workers would be "part of the community on an ongoing basis, paid for by the Republican National Committee to make the case for our party and our candidates."

The GOP is looking for ways to improve its messaging and minority outreach after its failed presidential bid and significant losses in the 2012 Senate election. Republican Mitt Romney earned just 27 percent of the Latino vote, compared with 71 percent who voted for President Barack Obama.

As part of their comeback strategy, the RNC will also call for a shorter primary calendar, fewer debates in presidential primaries and moving up the party's convention date earlier in the summer to June or July, reports CNN.

Priebus said that Romney was a "sitting duck" in the months leading up to the August convention because campaign finance laws prevented him from using funds he had raised until after he was officially nominated.

The full Republican party strategy for modernization, called the Growth and Opportunity Project, will be revealed Monday at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, reports ABC News.