Obama wants 'fake mustache' to mingle among Israeli citizens


United States President Barack Obama calls volunteers from a campaign office in Chicago, Ill., on election day, Nov. 6, 2012.


Jewel Samad

If Disney princesses can dream of the world out there, why can't the US president?

President Barack Obama told Israel's Channel 2 on Thursday that he had a "fantasy" of wearing a disguise, complete with a faux mustache, so he could mingle among Israeli citizens.

"Sometimes I have this fantasy that I can put on a disguise, you know, wear a fake mustache, and I can wander through Tel Aviv and go to a bar and have a conversation, or go down to a university and meet with some students in a setting where it wasn't as formal," Obama said in the interview, according to The Hill blog.

"And we're going to try and find as many opportunities as I can to interact directly with the Israeli people."

Obama said he missed the "spontaneous interactions" he once had while travelling.

"I’d love to sit at a cafe and just hang out," he said, according to ABC News.

"You can’t just slip out and interact with people without having a bunch of guys with machine guns with you," Obama said.

Watch, with comments on 'fake mustache' starting at 21:55: