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Who hacks the most? Hint: Not China


A hacker group based in southern Spain was broken up by Europol Wednesday. The group was estimated to have defrauded millions of euros from people around Europe.


Adam Berry

Where do most hackers call home? Russia, in fact.

Next up is Taiwan, followed by Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, and -- surprise -- America, according to monitoring done by Deutsche Telekom's Sicherheitstacho project cited by Bloomberg's Businessweek.

That puts the country currently in the hotseat, China, in 12th place -- uh, six behind the US.

It is also interesting to note that Russia's alleged activity far outstrips others, with well over over two million attacks in February, compared to Taiwan's measly 907,102, according to Bloomberg

The Deutsche Telekom study was commissioned by the German state as part of its Alliance for Cyber Security project, according to Brian Fung of National Journal. (Bloomberg said it was "unclear" exactly what Berlin expected to "glean from this data.")

Sicherheitstacho uses a digital alarm system responsive to IT problems and server issues, reported Bloomberg. For a better idea of how this works, see Fung's real-time map on the system. 

The statistics do not differentiate between group and individual hacking attempts, said Bloomberg