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Twitter troll hunted down by boxer Curtis Woodhouse


British boxer Curtis Woodhouse did what ever celebrity wants to do: track down his or her Twitter troll and threaten them with physical violence.


Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Curtis Woodhouse, a British boxer decided earlier this week that he wasn't going to take it anymore.

After his light-welterweight title defeat on Friday to Shayne Singleton, the former footballer and boxing champion received a slew of abusive messages on Twitter.

One of his harassers,@Jimmyob88, called the fighter a "disgrace" on Twitter.

Woodhouse, 32, noticed the message and subsequently tweeted: "I'll give 1,000 to anybody who provides me with an address and picture of this man. Knock, knock," reported the Toronto Star.

Woodhouse's followers sent him the street name in the northern industry city of Sheffield.

On Monday, the boxer got into his car and drove to the man's street.

To prove he was there, Woodhouse tweeted a picture of himself and asked his followers the street number, reported CTV News.

He also threatened to knock on every door.

"#itsshowtime" he tweeted menacingly.

Realizing what kind of trouble he brought, the Twitter bully, James O'Brien, 24, tweeted that he was sorry.

"I am sorry its getting abit out of hand i am in the wrong i accept that," O'Brien wrote, said Fox Sports.

Woodhouse left without encountering the man.

O'Brien said his friends made him do it.

Former heavyweight champion  Lennox Lewis was bemused by the story, said AP, tweeting: "Ha! I LOVE this story about @woodhousecurtis paying a visit to a #keyboardwarrior on Twitter."