Oregon fugitive accused of killing grandparents captured

Wanted fugitive Michael Boysen was finally apprehended at a motel in Lincoln City, Oregon on March 13th, after he was accused of murdering his grandparents in Reston, a community located outside of Seattle.

According to KATU.com, a SWAT team entered the Westshore Oceanfront Suites motel around 7:00 PM and managed to take an injured Boysen into custody "without incident" — his wounds appeared to be self-inflicted with glass.

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Officials first arrived at the motel around 7:30 AM, beginning a 10-hour standoff with Boysen, who refused to come out but engaged in dialogue with police throughout the day, says the Seattle Times.

Boysen was airlifted to a Portland hospital for treatment for his injuries after he was taken into custody, added the Seattle Times, and reportedly is in critical condition.

"The desk clerk was watching Good Morning America, or some other morning program, and she saw information on a guy that was outstanding," said Lincoln City police chief Keith Kilian. to KATU. "She checked the hotel registration and thought, ‘My God, he checked in last night.'"

The 26-year-old Washingtonian is wanted for the murder of his grandparents, who were killed on March 9th, a day after Boysen had completed a prison sentence on burglary charges, wote Reuters.

The elderly duo were hosting their grandson at their home after picking him up from prison, and had thrown him a party on March 8th.

According to the Seattle Times, Boysen had previously served out a five-year prison sentence for robbery and the possession of stolen property, after stealing from a grocery store and pharmacies.