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Old Mickey Mouse cartoons to see new 2D settings on Disney


Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse welcome visitors during the grand opening day of Hong Kong Disneyland September 12, 2005 in Hong Kong (Photo by MN Chan/Getty Images)


MN Chan

Disney's time-honored Mickey Mouse cartoons are making a high-tech return to Disney, according to Reuters, citing a company statement. 

Nineteen of the original short cartoons featuring beloved charachers Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and others, are being developed in 2D to honor their creators, said Reuters

The new series will begin on the Disney Channel on Friday, June 28, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and each one will take place in a new location, ranging from Santa Monica to the Alps.

"By bringing Mickey's comedic adventures to life with vitality, humor, inventiveness and charm, the entire Disney Television Animation team of artists, animators and directors have worked to capture the essence of what Walt Disney himself created 85 years ago," Disney Channels Worldwide's Gary Marsh said, reported the Seattle PI.

The series will also be available for viewing on and the Watch Disney Channel mobile app, according to Reuters

The anniversary shorts are being produced by Paul Rudish of Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls, said the Seattle PI -- click here to see a sneak peak of Mickey's new look.