President Barack Obama's Kenyan half brother, Malik Obama (C) rallies supporters on January 16, 2013 near Nyang'oma in Kogelo, now renowned as the Obama's traditional home. Malik accused the Kenyan election commission of concealing official results of the Siaya governorship race after losing his race.

United States President Barack Obama's golden touch at the polls doesn't seem to run in the family.

His Kenyan half brother, Malik Obama, didn't quite come last in the polls, but he was close.

Obama, who has the same father as the US president, won only 2,792 votes while running for a gubernatorial seat in Siaya, Kenya.

That's around 140,000 votes behind the winner.

"He was not the winner but at least he competed," said Benson Mughatsia, returning officer for Siaya county, according to Agence France Presse. "He was not last but he was still a long way off."

Obama accused the Kenyan Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission of concealing the official results of the race, according to Kenyan news site Daily Nation.

He said Mughatsia only released a summary of results, instead of the results from every polling station.

"Those results should be made available to the public and the candidates. They are telling me to contact my agents, but I didn’t have agents in every single polling station in the county," said Obama.

He campaigned under the slogan "Obama here, Obama there," and said that he would have a "direct line to the White House," according to the Guardian.

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