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Israeli teachers send out scathing e-mail about their students accidentally


Israeli teachers in Kfar Saba accidentally sent their students an e-mail about what they really thought about them.


Nicholas Kamm

Students at a high school in Israel demonstrated Monday after their teachers accidentally sent them an insulting e-mail.

Teachers at Rabin High School in Kfar Saba compiled a list of what they really thought of their grade 11 students ahead of a trip to Poland.

They described a student as a "baby," another as "not bright," another having "a thing for boys" and even a "sick-o," said Forward.

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The teachers shared the list with each other by e-mail with a few students accidentally receiving the list.

During the protest students wore black shirts that had the words the teachers used about them.

They demanded an apology from the school, which was eventually given by the principal, said Reuters.

The teachers also apparently apologized.