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Greenland's Future At Stake in Elections


Greenlanders line up to vote (Photo:Ole Bidstrup)

Check your compass. The Geo Quiz is heading to the northernmost capital in the world.

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This tiny city on the south west coast of Greenland has just 15,000 residents and a couple of traffic lights.

Greenland is a self-ruled territory of the Kingdom of Denmark. Its capital overlooks the Labrador Sea, which makes it great for spotting bottlenose whales or the occasional iceberg drifting by.

It lies just south of the Arctic Circle so its usually chilly. Snowy weather hasn't kept thousands of voters from turning out to cast their ballots.

The future of Greenland may be at stake in this election as farmers and fishermen consider their futures in a part of the world where climate change is coming fast and furious.
Greenland's capital is Nuuk.
Reuter's Nordic bureau chief Alistair Scrutton is in Nuuk covering the election. He says there's a lot at stake in Greenland's elections.

Around 57,000 people live in Greenland. Many are embracing their new global role in a lucrative and resource-rich Arctic environment, while others are trying to protect their traditional way of life that depends on hunting and fishing.