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Good-looking men earn more, study shows


Good-looking men earn more than their average-looking counterparts even if they do the same job say researchers.


Thomas Kienzle

New research shows that good-looking men earn more than their average-looking peers.

Researchers at the Australian National University found that good looks did not give women a similar advantage.

Indeed, study co-author Andrew Leigh said that attractive can even hinder a woman's career.

"Beauty can be a double-edged sword for women," he said, reported the Telegraph.

"Some people still believe good looks and intelligence are incompatible in women so a good-looking woman can't be that productive, but there's no dumb-blonde syndrome affecting men's pay."

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As for men, found that handsome men in all types of jobs earned more - 22 percent more on average.

The study had volunteers rate photos of men whose backgrounds and salaries were known to researchers.

Those who were considered attractive often earned more.

For the least attractive men, the figures were far worse.

They are 15 per cent less likely to have a job, said the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ugly men also had a nine percent lower wage than their more attractive peers at the same job.

"It turns out beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder. There is a strong literature showing views about beauty are shared," said Leigh, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.