Venezuela sets April 14 date for presidential elections


The president of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, speaks during a press conference at the CNE headquarters in Caracas, on March 9, 2013. Venezuela will hold a presidential election to succeed late leader Hugo Chavez next April 14, the national electoral council announced Saturday.


Eitan Abramovich

Venezuela's electoral commission said that it will hold presidential elections to replace the late Hugo Chavez on April 14.

Chavez appointed his vice-president, Nicolas Maduro, to act as president before the elections.

Maduro will run as the governing party candidate, reported the Associated Press.

He said that he would continue the leftist reforms implemented by the late president.

The AP reported that he is likely to lead in the upcoming electoral contest.

Henrique Capriles will likely lead the opposition Justice First party in the election.

Chavez defeated Capriles in last October's election 54 percent to 44 percent.

BBC reported that Tibisay Lucena, head of the electoral commission, said the candidates need to register for the election by Monday.

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