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Kraft dinner petitioned to remove yellow dyes by mom's group


Two food bloggers have set out to have Kraft eliminate the food coloring from their famous macaroni dinners.


Paula Bronstein

Two food bloggers have targeted the food coloring in Kraft Dinner, starting a campaign to remove it from the popular macaroni in a box.

Lisa Leake, and Vani Hari launched a petition this week and already have 150,000 signatures.

Kraft Dinner contains Yellow Dye 5 and Yellow Dye 6, which have been linked to several diseases, including allergies and ADHD.

The bloggers point out that in other countries, Kraft Dinner does not contain the dyes, reserving them only for an American audience which demands the deep yellows in their meal.

The women show a taste test on Youtube with the UK version without the dyes and claim they taste and look exactly the same (see video below).

According to ABC News, the women say the yellow dye is only for "aesthetic purposes."