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US Ready for North Korean Attack

The White House said Tuesday that the US is fully capable of protecting itself from a North Korean nuclear attack.

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The regime in Pyongyang is threatening a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the United States.

It has also threatened to abrogate the ceasefire that ended the 1950-53 Korean War, as early as Monday.

The threats were issued ahead of a United Nations Security Council meeting, which adopted new sanctions against North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

It's all a bit surreal.

In fact it's hard to think of another country right now that's fodder for both late night comedy skits and stone-faced UN Security Council meetings.

Ambassador Chris Hill, the former chief US negotiator, with North Korea says Pyongyang "has no capability" to carry out an attack.

"Being North Korea is to say one thing on Tuesday and forget you said it on Wednesday," he says.

But the threat illustrates a heightened level of rhetoric coming from a regime under increasing pressure, says Hill.

The key thing, he adds, is that it seems China has had enough of their former ally.