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Rapper Drizzy Drake blankets Charlotte strip club in dollars


Rap artist "Drizzy" Drake surprised strippers in Charlotte Friday by blanketing their dance floor with $50,000 in cash.


Scott Halleran

Who said Canadians were mild mannered and too politically correct?

Rapper Drake did his part this week to end that stereotype when he blanketed a strip club floor in dollars while scantily clad ladies danced around him.

The Grammy award-winning rap artist was at Cameo nightclub in Charlotte with his entourage who helped distribute the cash to the poor strippers.

TMZ reported that he entered the club carrying cardboard boxes full of crisp dollar bills.

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Fifty thousand dollars worth to be exact.

He and his crew began showering the place in money (see pictures here).

It is still unclear what night it occurred but Drake had appearances scheduled nearby last weekend, reported the Charlotte Observer.