Police and protesters clash for third day in Egypt's Port Said


Egyptian protesters stand near burning tyres outside the main security headquarters in the canal city of Port Said on March 5, 2013.



Police and protesters clashed for the third day on Tuesday in Egypt's canal city of Port Said.

Protesters threw stones and petrol bombs overnight, while police responded with warning shots, tear gas and rubber bullets, according to Euro News.

Egypt's state news reported 35 people injured. On Monday, the Port Said security headquarters was set on fire.

The violence has led President Mohammed Morsi to consider military replacements for Port Said's police force, the Associated Press reported

“The presidency is considering this option after relations between the security apparatus and the people of Port Said deteriorated,” an unnamed official told the AP.

“We had never the intention to do anything to them,” an unnamed protester told Euro News. “It was them who beat us. Violence was provoked each time by agents of the interior ministry, or police or a third party, or I don’t know who started beating us.”

Egypt's state information service restated on its website the "commitment" of its security forces to the people of Port Said:

"The Armed Forces reiterated its commitment to preserving the lives of the Port Said people," the statement said. 

On Monday in Port Said a man was shot in the head during clashes, and on Sunday another man was reportedly shot during a protest, according to Ahram Online

Citing Sayed al-Masry, Port Said's head of ambulance services, Reuters reported about 420 people have been injured and 60 people have been wounded by live bullets since the new wave of protests began on Sunday. 

Demonstrations erupted throughout the city on Jan. 26, when death sentences were handed down in connection with the deadly Feb. 2012 soccer riot that killed 70 people. 

Since then Morsi has struggled to restore order.