Justin Bieber fans send death threats to teen girl

Justin Bieber performs during his 'Believe' tour at The Staples Center on October 2, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.


Kevin Winter

Millions of Justin Bieber fans learned a hard lesson today: the guy doesn't also go for the girl who psychotically obsesses over him. Sometimes, in fact, he's more interested in the boring the "normal" girl who selfishly has hobbies and passions other than Justin Bieber.

Last month, British teen Courtney Barrasford tweeted: "Not a really a fan of Justin Bieber but his acoustic album is actually good!" This mild review became a source of controversy after Justin Bieber himself re-tweeted it to his 34 million followers. 

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"well ur obviously not a true belieber," a Belieber responded. Obviously. Some of the fans were nice, and told Barrasford that she should become a Belieber because "we accept anyone & everyone."

But Barrasford was also harassed by other so-called Beliebers--with some even making death threats, the Telegraph reported. Some fans called her a "whore" and told her to "go kill yourself." 

Barrasford explained to the Telegraph that the continuing fall-out from the re-tweet has taken her by surprise. "I came back from a drama class where everyone had been going on about how good Justin Bieber’s acoustic album was. So I went on to YouTube to listen to it and then put my comment up...About ten minutes later my friend sent me a message to say she had noticed something on Twitter. It wasn’t too bad at first. But then it started to get worse as more people found out."

Other fans avoided direct threats and instead simply expressed raging jealousy. "I am a Belieber of him since 2009 and he didn’t notice me. And you’re not even a f****** fan. You get noticed. OMG," another fan posted, the Independent reported.

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