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Working out before bed might help you sleep, poll shows


A new survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that those people who work out any time of day, even before bed, feel more rested and sleep more soundly.


Gou Yige

A new poll has shown that those who exercise four hours before bed get a better sleep than others.

The National Sleep Foundation found that those who work out any time of day also feel more rested.

The poll found that 67 percent of those who exercise regularly reported they sleep well most nights, compared to 39 percent for those who don't exercise.

Some believed that an increase in heart rate and body temperature was bad for sleep.

Researchers say that the old notion that exercise before bed is a bad thing may be just plain wrong.

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"The timing of exercise ought to be driven by when the pool's lap lane is open or when your tennis partner is available or when you have time to get away from work, not by some statement that has never been validated," said co-researcher Barbara Phillips, of the University of Kentucky, reported USA Today.

The Boston Globe reported that the survey consisted of 1000 people between 23 and 60.

It found that exercisers were twice as likely to have a good sleep than sedentary people.

Health Goes Strong reported that the National Sleep Foundation said that even 10 minutes of exercise a day could help with sleep.