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'Underground Harlem Shake' gets Australian miners fired


A group of Australian miners have been fired after filming their own version of the Harlem Shake inside the mine.



In what may turn out to be the most expensive Harlem Shake video ever, a group of Australian miners have lost their high paying jobs after uploading their own underground version of the online hit.

A YouTube video uploaded last week shows a group of eight miners in safety gear jumping around inside the Agnew Gold Mine.

The West Australian newspaper reports that the miners were sacked from their six figure jobs after filming the stunt in the underground pit during a work break.

A dismissal letter from mining company Barminco claimed all that jumping and convulsing was a breach of the company Barminco's "core values of safety, integrity and excellence," reports AP.

But one of the fired workers accused Barminco of being too 'heavy-handed' and said they were only "having a bit of fun."

In addition to being fired, the miners have also been banned from any of Barminco's other mining operations around the world for life.

According to E! online, the sacked miners are considering filing a lawsuit seeking reinstatement.

The Harlem Shake dance craze has swept the Internet with about 4,000 new parody videos being uploaded to YouTube every day.

Just days ago, the FAA launched an investigation after a group of passengers launched into the dance in mid air.

AP reports that the original version of Harlem Shake, by Brooklyn DJ and producer Baauer, is currently No.2 on the Australian singles chart.