At least three dead after China sulphuric acid leak

A huge sulphuric acid leak in China's Liaoning province has killed at least three people, while rescuers have been unable to approach the area due to the dangerous chemicals. 

It's unclear when the leak occurred in Fangsheng Village, and authorities are still trying to ascertain the extent of the casualties, writes the Associated Press.

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According to the Press Trust of India, 2,000 cubic meters of the deadly acid leaked from a storehouse, causing the chemical disaster.

PTI states that two villagers died at the scene, while another has been rushed to the hospital.

Sulphuric acid is a powerful corrosive chemical, and can cause severe burns and tissue damage if it comes into contact with human skin, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

It's dangerous enough that numerous "acid attacks" are committed using this substance, such as the widely publicized 2008 attack on 26-year-old model and TV presenter Katie Price in London.