'East Coast Rapist' to spend rest of life in prison for attacking teenage trick-or-treaters

The man known as the 'East Coast Rapist' will spend the rest of his life in prison after attacking three teenage trick-or-treaters on Halloween in 2009.

A Virginia judge sentenced Aaron Thomas to three life sentences plus 80 years, reports the Washington Post.

Thomas, 41, pleaded guilty to rape and abduction in November after he forced three trick-or-treaters into the woods on Halloween 2009 and raped two of them for an hour, reports NBC News.

A third girl was able to use her cell phone to text her mother, who called police. Thomas fled when he heard sirens and was not caught until March 2011.

At his sentencing, two of the victims said they forgave Thomas and prayed he would be cured of his sickness.

One victim spoke of the emotional scars left by the attack.

“I would try to avoid leaving the house and avoid going out anywhere public,” one of the young women said, according to the Washington Post.

Thomas himself gave a statement saying he was "totally blameworthy" in the attacks and that he knew what he was doing.

Thomas, from Connecticut, has also admitted to more than a dozen rapes and other attacks from Rhode Island to Virginia.

He is also awaiting sentencing later this month in Loudoun County for a 2001 rape and abduction, reports AP.