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Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to bodybuilding roots as magazine editor


Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger attends 'The Last Stand' press conference at Conrad Hotel on February 20, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea.


Chung Sung-Jun

Arnold Schwarzenegger will lend his name to Flex and Muscle & Fitness magazines, signing on to become executive editor of the publications.

Schwarzenegger was a seven-time winner of Mr. Olympia before his career in movies began, eventually giving way to politics and becoming the 38th governor of California. He was also the youngest winner ever of Mr. Universe.

“AMI is thrilled to have Arnold Schwarzenegger bring his expertise back home to our category-leading mastheads,” David J. Pecker, American Media Inc. president, said on the Muscle & Fitness website.

“He is a universally recognized star, and an iconic leader of the fitness movement. His contributions will enormously benefit our print and digital readers, while driving value for our advertisers.”

Schwarzenegger, 65, will offer his business advice as well as contribute monthly columns, E! Online said.

According to E!, he’s appeared on the covers of the magazines 60 times. The magazines were founded by Joe Weider, a bodybuilding icon and one of Schwarzenegger’s mentors.

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“It was in these magazines that I found the spark that inspired me to start lifting weights, and eventually move to America and realize my dreams,” Schwarzenegger said.

“Bodybuilding has always been part of my life, and I know Muscle & Fitness and Flex will continue to motivate others — as it did me — to lift weights and lead a healthy lifestyle, promote the sport of bodybuilding, and, as Joe used to say in every issue, ‘exceed themselves.’”

Since leaving politics, the Guvernator has dived headlong back into Hollywood, appearing in a string of action movies.

His most recent movies are The Last Stand and The Expendables 2. He’s also signed on to reprise his roles form Twins and Conan the Barbarian and is rumored to be involved in Terminator 5.

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