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Outrage of the Day: #InConservativePakistan


Drug smugglers fired 30 cans of these suckers across the border into Arizona using an air-pressure-powered cannon, US border officials said today.


David McNew

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GlobalPost's in-depth series, World Wide Weed, takes an analytical look at the cultural applications and the legal implications of marijuana around the globe.

We tasked our correspondents to give us honest and insightful reports on the culture of cannabis in their respective countries.

And honest they were.

From Egypt we discovered that millions of Egyptians get stoned regularly, despite — or is it because of? — the conservative Islamic government. In Mexico, we learned that marijuana plays a central role in the drug war. In Cambodia, we discovered that they embrace a more laissez faire approach to narcotics. And in conservative Pakistan, we were transported to a Sufi shrine and were taught about how hashish plays an important role in Pakistan's spiritual tradition.

If the goal of the World Wide Weed project was to spark a discussion about the state of marijuana around the world, then our mission has been in a success — but perhaps not in the way that we anticipated.

Specifically, the piece titled, "In Conservative Pakistan, everybody must get stoned," garnered some serious twitter attention — and surprisingly, it was not because of the generalizing Bob Dylan reference.

No, instead, people took to twitter over the apparently poor assumption that Pakistan is, infact, a conservative country.

Below is a summary of the social media storm that erupted in response to our piece. 

The comments are colorful to be sure, but they certainly shed some light on the sentiments of a nation.



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