Egypt: Liberals call for return to military rule


Egyptian protesters wave their national flags in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Over the past year there has been little movement on human rights issues such as religious tolerance and women's rights.



Liberals in Egypt are not happy with the Islamist government and would prefer a return to military rule, NBC reported.

On Tuesday, a coalition of leftist and liberal parties known as the National Salvation Front announced plans to boycott the upcoming elections. They accuse President Mohammed Morsi of ruling with an Islamist agenda.

But the liberals' boycott is leaving others fearful that the conservative Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist political parties will sweep the elections.

On Monday, hundreds demonstrated in Nasr City, chanting slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood and speaking out in support of the military, Egypt Independent reported.

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Critics say that the country is in a state of political chaos and economic decline, and charge that the president has failed to address the problems during his time in office. They say that human rights have gotten worse under the religious new government, Ahram Online reported

“Egypt is on the brink of default [on its international debts], if law and order is absent, [the army] has a national duty to intervene," Mohamed ElBaradei, leader of the moderate Dustour party, told Foreign Policy