A Pakistani man warming hash under a lit match before mixing in northwestern city of Peshawar (A. MAJEED/AFP/GettyImage)
Credit: A. MAJEED
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Lady Maryjane may go by many names, but at the end of the day, all of her colorful aliases mean (essentially) the same thing.

Yes, we are talking about Marijuana.

Today's word of the day, gardaa, has been chosen in the spirit of GlobalPost's World Wide Weed series that launched this morning.

Gardaa is a type of cannabis made in Pakistan using dried resin of high potency. It is known for being very pure and free from any additive chemicals — hooray for organic products!

But that's not all.

Gardaa, which in the Urdu Language (official language of Pakistan) means "dust", is so named because of its similarity in colour to mud or brown thick dust. 

Ok, so that isn't that cool. Sorry for the buildup.

Usually sold in the shape of balls, Gardaa is a very pliable substance that can take virtually any shape and can start dissolving into smaller particles with the heat released from the mere palm of your hand.

Looking for more super awesome pot news? Check out GlobalPost's full World Wide Weed series and learn about the cultural applications and the legal implications of marijuana around the globe.

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