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Video of the Day: Animals give you tough love


This is a seven-week-old Border Collie puppy. It's not Kate's dog, but it is very cute.


Joe Klamar

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If you thought that you were your own harshest critic, think again.

These animals aren't angry. They're just disappointed. 

The video opens with a visibly upset sea turtle who is "disappointed that you don't just do the dishes and instead you always find a lame excuse to wait."

Dish guilt not your thing?

How about the owl that, "remembers every New Year's resolution that you failed to keep or that you know that you are going to break."

Ouch. That was a low blow.

Anyway, this one if for the masochists in the audience — aw, hell, we know it's going to speak to everyone out there in one way or another.

So, sit back. Watch. Introspectively ponder. And then lower your head in shame and embrace the inevitable self-loathing that is sure to follow the watching of this video.

Hat tip to our friends at Buzzfeed who inspired this sadistic work of genius.